Silo solution installed in new "clean and green” cement plant

Ingmar Holst of Claudius Peters Projects GmbH talks exclusively to World Cement and analyses the delivery of a 10,000T expansion chamber cement storage silo installed at Mawlamyine cement plant in Myanmar.

From a client perspective, a cement storage silo should be designed to hold a certain amount of cement, ideally without impacting the operational cost of the cement plant or playing an important role in the investment cost. A cement silo has no obvious role in the process of the cement plant except to offer a buffer in between the cement mill and the dispatch facilities. It should not have an influence on the quality of the product and, therefore, it is difficult to put a value on investment in a cement silo, referring to a return on investment (ROI) calculation. So what difference does it make to invest in one type of cement storage silo verses the other? Shouldn’t the focus of the client be reducing the initial investment cost as far as possible, because there is no ROI when it comes to a storage silo?

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